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Plenitude Connect PVT LTD

AMFI registered Mutual Fund distributor

About Us

Plenitude Connect PVT LTD is a highly ethical and truly independent financial service focused on providing investment suggestions to high net worth clients. Our specialization is in Indian equities and all our suggestions are based on thoroughly conducted independent research. Our staff is exceptionally well-qualified and possesses deep expertise not only in financial analysis and research but also in micro-economic analysis, cash flow analysis, corporate governance analysis, technology trend identification as well as in statistical and mathematical modeling. Utilizing this multi-domain expertise, we have developed a (relatively) unique equity research methodology, particularly suited to the Indian markets. The methodology is a quantitative manifestation of the investment principles set by value-investing legends such as Warren Buffett and Peter Lynch. At Plenitude Connect PVT LTD, we successfully employ our methodology to invest our clients money in equities and to help our clients in achieving their long-term wealth-enhancement aims.

 Insperity, a trusted distributor to Rajasthan best businesses for more than 10 years, provides an array of Mutual Funds and various other Financial Products. We counsel clients on investment opportunities, consonant with the latters needs, aims and tolerance for risk.

Investment Service

We provide the following investment services:

  • We develop investment policy statements for our clients.
  • We recommend appropriate asset allocations.
  • We suggest which stocks to purchase and when to sell.
  • We provide step-by-step guidance to our clients in managing their portfolios.
  • We continuously monitor our clients portfolios.
  • We recommend appropriate updates to our clients portfolios as and when required.

Financial Research

We conduct fundamental research in finance with a focus on valuation of equity assets. In particular, we are developing and continuously refining a novel (customizable) equity valuation approach most suitable for stock-picking. The approach widely takes cues from the writings and statements of legendry stock pickers such as John Templeton, Charles Munger, Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett.

While most finance professionals employ one of the four standard valuation approaches for equity asset valuation, namely, Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE) valuation, Dividend-Discount Valuation, Economic Value Added Valuation or Residual Income Valuation, we believe that each of the four valuation approaches are of limited utility to stock-pickers. This is because the best value-buying opportunities that a stock-picker with a long-term horizon comes across are in small-cap or mid-cap equities. Such equities however have high volatilities leading to a higher required rate of return in the four standard valuation approaches mentioned above. This higher required rate of return leads to significant underestimation of the intrinsic value of a stock. Moreover, if a stock-picker understands the operations of a small-cap stock very well, he needs very little in terms of the margin of safety, that is, the required rate of return from the stock for him should be much lower than that for other investors. The four standard valuation approaches miss these subtleties. In contrast, our novel equity valuation approach specifically accounts for these subtleties and is most similar to the “Triple Dip” valuation methodology promulgated by Warren Buffett in a Fortune Magazine article in 1977. This approach allows us to identify and distinguish truly outstanding stocks from ordinary stocks. In other words, our approach allows us to achieve extraordinary returns for the clients of our mutual fund distribution service.


Most of the financial services in the Indian financial industry are marred by vested interests. For example, your mutual fund distributor at bank is more interested in selling you the bank investment products than in making money for you (Sanity Check: Have you ever come across an ICICI bank employee who recommends you to invest in HDFC mutual fund?). Similarly, your distributor at your brokerage firm is more interested in making you trade as much as possible than in making money for you (Sanity Check: Brokers get 0.2-0.5% of the value of your transactions irrespective of whether you make money or not).

In contrast to such soulless services , your distributor at Poornima focusses only on making money for you. Our fee structure is so designed that we make most of our money only if our clients make money. Moreover, Poornima is not affiliated to any bank or asset management company and is therefore capable of providing truly independent (of any vested interests) suggestion to its clients.

Ethical Behaviour

In our opinion, the financial services industry of India is probably one of the most unethical of all industries. The reasons behind the disgraceful behaviour of some of the industry professonals are not hard to guess: greed, lure of easy money, surviving the cut-throat competition, decline of moral values and abject failure to realize that, in the long run, honesty is the best policy. Nevertheless, there exists an (admittedly small) minority of finance professionals who are working diligently and honestly towards making money for their clients. We, at Poornima, are a part of this minority. In fact, we are unwaveringly committed towards upholding the highest standards of professional conduct (we follow the prestigious CFA code of ethics and standards of professional conduct). This ethical behaviour is perhaps our greatest strength and is of enormous value to our clients.

Comprehensive View

We believe that most of our contemporary mutual fund distribution services are fragmented in nature. For instance, your mutual fund distributor at your prestigious bank is most likely to be a marketing personnel or MBA rather than a financial analyst or a research analyst. In other words, your mutual fund distributor at bank might be selling you a product or investment idea which he did not research himself and about which he is expected to have a very limited knowledge. In contrast, at Poornima, your distributor will always be the financial analyst himself, who would market you only those investment ideas that he has researched on his own. mutual fund distributor will moreover be familiar with your particular requirements and can guide the best investment policy for you. In other words, your distributor at Poornima can take a comprehensive view of both your requirements as well as the available investment options researched by him. Adopting this comprehensive approach ensures that the client is not sold an investment idea that is of limited usage to him.


We realize that there are no permanent rules in investing. The rules that may work brilliantly during one investment period, may perform abysmally during the next investment period. We therefore keep refining our investment strategies to stay ahead of the market. This flexibility is one of our key strengths and a major contributor to our ability to outperform most of our competitors.


The history of financial markets shows that there is not even a single investing brain who has never been fooled by the market. The legendry investor Warren Buffet made a mistake in purchasing Conoco Phillips. Peter Lynch himself admits that he aims to be correct only majority of the times and still makes mistakes in his investment decisions. Jay Cooke lost his entire wealth betting on Northern Pacific. Charles Munger misread the competitive moat of BYD.The list goes on endlessly. At Poornima, we realize that we are not going to be perfect either. In other words, some of our investment ideas may not work exactly as decided. However, this realization itself is a big strength because it allows us to plan for this eventuality. We diversify our investments just enough to ensure that the risk of our mistakes, if any, is mitigated without affecting the potential returns. We moreover avoid risky strategies involving leverage that can amplify the effects of any mistake whatsoever. Most importantly, we never commit our clients money to an idea which we are not completely sure of.

Long Time Horizon

We believe that nobody (including us) can predict where the stock market will be in the next one to two years. On the other hand, we feel reasonably confident in our longer term (more than three years) predictions for the stocks we recommend.

Consequently, most of our investment strategies are devised to provide extraordinary returns over a long-time period with absolutely no regard for the short term performance. We believe that our clients therefore gain most by staying invested through us for at least a three year period.

This however does not imply that we have any lock in period. In fact, any money invested by a client through us stays in the clients own account and can be withdrawn by the client within two working days. The only catch is that any premature withdrawal may or may not capture the full benefits of our expertise.

Realistic Expectations

While there are numerous investment schemes in the market that promise highest NAV return, a 24% guaranteed return, a 20% assured return etc., we, at Poornima, believe that most of these schemes are a sham. In fact, any scheme that guarantees an after-tax return of more than 12% (assuming bank interest rate of less than 10%) is most likely a fraud that most investors will do well by avoiding.

We, at Poornima, do not guarantee any fixed return to our clients and do not accept clients with unrealistic expectations. We rather prefer financially mature clients who understand that a 20-25% compounded return over a long-time horizon is the best they should hope for (unless they are themselves promoters of a fast-growing company).

Our ambitious but realistic aim at Poornima is to get long-term returns for our clients that are better than 95% of our competitors. In fact, we will consider ourself hugely successfull if we could achieve that feat.


We adopt a decisively low-risk approach in all our investment strategies. In practice, this means we never borrow money on our clients behalf, we never avail of any margin funding facilities, we never short-sell (which necessarily involves leverage) and we never take positions in derivatives (which implicitly are highly levered financial instruments).Our mathematics background and our understanding of the horrific implications of Murphys law to levered investment strategies convince us that any stock investment strategy employing leverage is more likely than not to result in permanent and irrecoverable capital loss over the long term.

Motivated by the above risk averse ideology, we naturally prefer clients who do not believe in taking unnecessary leverage. In other words, we always prefer clients who are happier with low-risk 25% annual compounded return than with 40% high-risk and uncertain return.


Perhaps the most desirable quality of our clients is their temperament. In particular, our desired clients understand that the markets dip significantly at least once every 2-3 years but eventually bounce back. There is absolutely no need to panic or worry about such market dips. In fact, if a client chooses his/her mutual fund distributor well (preferably us), then the client may benefit enormously by purchasing the distributor recommended stocks during these market dips. In other words, the drastic drops in stock prices can be an opportunity rather than a loss.

Our Motto

Whether you want to work a mutual fund distributor in between those times is really a question of whether you have the time to invest in researching your options, the aptitude to analyze the information you discover, and the confidence to make a decision and move forward with it. mutual fund distributor help with all of those areas and many people find their mutual fund distributor to a valued partner throughout their lives. We love helping people make smart decisions with their money that allow them to lead the lives they want and achieve their aims.

Hence our company motto: Plan to Live Well.

Our clients interests always come first.

Our experience shows that if we serve our clients well, our own success will follow.